Microvox M310 accordion microphone system


The Microvox M310 accordion microphone system is an easy to fit system which attatches to your accordion grille by Velcro ™ which means there is no need to drill unsightly holes in your pride & joy ! The M310 is a more versatile system than many others because it has separate microphones for the keyboard & bass sides of your accordion which can be controlled to balance the sound. it also has a handy volume knob. It can be removed and fitted to a different accordion in seconds ! ! There are three treble microphones and one bass microphone so you get a level spread of sound. the unit measures mm.280 x 25 x 25 & is powered by a single aaa battery (approx battery life 200 hours). Whilst transducer bugs and pickups provide amplification, the sound produced by them is rarely acceptable if a true acoustic sound is required. Transducers amplify the vibrations in the particular area of the instrument’s body to which they are fastened whilst microphones amplify the vibrations in the air – the way that the ear does. Many artists find the sound of a transducer acceptable and some of the effects they produce are attractive but if an accurate acoustic sound is required, a microphone must be used.

Don’t forget. Free UK mainland delivery with this Microvox M310 accordion microphone system * 

Can be connected to almost any amplifier by a standard guitar type cable. Fits nearly all makes and sizes. Delivery approx.3 working days for details or to order call our Rochdale shop on 01706 658283 all major cards accepted.

  • Bass size: 1
  • Treble key size: 1
  • Voices: 1
  • Weight: 0.45 Kg. - 1 Lbs.

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